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 The current pre-reg price is $40.00 for a Three Day pass, but will increase to $45 on Jan 21st.

Guest Updates

Voice Acting Guests -

Heather Walker

Heather Walker loves the freaks, the geeks, and the oddballs. From birds and giant rats, to tortured mystical children, to sexy nurses, she has played a wide variety of roles in her relatively brief time as a voice actress. Whether she is screaming her head off for an entire scene or being innocently naughty, Heather loves extreme characters.  Some of her roles include Hiruko from Shangri-La, Aki from Maken-Ki, the misunderstood villain Mary Hughes in Fairy Tail, and most recently the role of Zoe, the revolutionary girl, in the audio play Chimpanzee.  She studied creative writing at the University of North Texas and besides voice acting, Heather is a stylist, poet, birdwatcher, and environmentalist, and is currently being certified as a Texas Master Naturalist.  So not only does she love voicing animals, she loves protecting them too.

Artists Alley Guests -

 Galactic Dust Bunnies

 Elia in a Box

 ShoNuff Studios

 Kristen McGuire

 Jerry Bennett…

 Don Rosencrans…

 Love Who

Mini A-Kon 8 is February 28th 2015 from 10am-5pm in both the Denton Civic Center and Emily Fowler Library.

Fore more information: Official Mini A-Kon Facebook Group

Promotional Art Contests Information

Promotional Art Contests Information

A-Kon® needs original artwork for flyers, t-shirts, and other promotional needs! We are looking for images that will effectively portray A-Kon® while getting people excited about the convention and getting the word out. There are several excellent opportunities for artists to get a lot of great exposure, so please pay particular attention to each of the sections below for important information you will need when submitting your artwork. We are willing to work with you to answer specific questions in regards to your submission to make the best use of your time and talent.


The theme this year for A-Kon 26 is The Phoenix. Just like the mythical Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal, we would like to reflect that for the theme of A-Kon 26. We are proudly the oldest running anime show these past 25 years, but we are not resting on our laurels. Just like the Phoenix’s bright colors of fiery oranges and reds, we to are burning off our past and blazing toward a bright future. We will continue to change and evolve to meet the needs of our fans and that is why have selected the symbol of the Phoenix for our theme this year. From the ashes of the old comes the new and improved A-Kon.

Following is a little history about the Phoenix to help you along.

The Phoenix Ascendant

The purple-plumed phoenix is known the world over as a symbol of the sun and is seen ascending to the heavens at dawn. The black, white, red, blue, and yellow plumage of its tail, each a symbol of the elements, showed that it was at home in any nation and in any time. A symbol of the divine feminine, the phoenix was a counselor to the dragon rulers of the world. The phoenix would only reside in lands with upright people and righteous rulers. When this was no longer possible, it would seek out a refuge far away from the world of men. At the end of its long life, it would build a nest of aromatic woods and resins high on the eastern face of the mountains and use its glorious wings to focus the rays of the sun into the bower, igniting an all-consuming conflagration. The sole remnant was a single egg which would hatch at the first rays of the rising sun. Some say this is a new phoenix; others that this is a restored and reinvigorated bird, given new life under the eternal cycles of the sun and signaling the new era of justice and peace. Eating only the resins of the same woods used in its nest, the phoenix was the symbol of charity, bringing food to hungry animals and wayward travelers alike, thus restoring hope in a lost world. And so, the phoenix ascendant is thus hope and joy reborn in a new era of stability and cooperation.

And to further help you, here are some examples of what a Phoenix looks like:


Be creative, have fun, and please remember that our con is an “all ages con” so no horror or bloody images please.


Type of Art RequiredDeadline for SubmissionPoster Art02-03-2015T-Shirt04-01-2015Program Book Cover04-01-2015


Please observe the following guidelines when creating your artwork. The A-Kon® staff will be reviewing all submissions based on these guidelines. The A-Kon® staff reserves the right to reject any submission, and may make revisions or send the artwork back for changes as it deems necessary.

  1. Appropriateness to Audience and Theme:  Does the artwork depict A-Kon® in a positive manner? Does it fit the defined theme? Is it anime or anime-related in some way? Please avoid any inappropriate use or representation of violence, profanity, drugs, or sex in the artwork.
  2. Ability to be Reproduced across Multiple Mediums: A-Kon® artwork will used for various promotional purposes, including t-shirts, posters, flyers, program books. Please submit artwork that is scalable with minimal loss of quality (vectorized or lossless compression) and print ready (CMYK color, bleed spaces, etc). Please refer to the Technical and Design Requirements section for more detailed information.
  3. Art Quality: Please try to submit your best work. The A-Kon® staff will reject any submission if it feels that the art does not meet its quality standards.
  4. Originality: Please observe international copyright laws when creating your work. Do not use any copyrighted characters or work that has been created previously for other clients or by others. If you use any fonts in your design, please ensure that they are of your own design or are in the public domain.

Please submit all designs to Mike Battle. For electronic files under 8 MB, please send them via email to

When submitting your artwork, please also include a link to your online portfolio (if you have one), and your contact information, including your real full name (pseudonyms and D.B.A.s are fine, but please don’t use your online alias), mailing address, email, and phone number.

Technical and Design Requirements

All artwork must be submitted in electronic format. Photoshop or Illustrator formats are preferred, but any format is acceptable. Please avoid lossy compression (i.e. jpgs).

T-Shirt Designs

  • 55-60 lines per inch (about 140dpi)
  • Avoid use of gradient colors or blending black into any other color. The silk-screening process adds in the black layer as the last step, which could affect the art’s final look.
  • Use heavy lines and avoid use of fine details. Colors in the silk-screening process can bleed easily and cause a loss of fidelity in design and color in the final product.

Black and White Art Designs

  • 300-600 dots per inch (DPI)
  • Black and White and Grayscale art accepted.
  • Must fit (or be scalable to):
    • 5.5 x 8.5 inches
    • 8.5 x11 inches
    • 6.75 x 10.5 inches
  • Leave space available for text – this will be for information about A-Kon®.

Black and White Line Art (Flyers)

  • 300-600 DPI
  • Must be scalable to 3.5 x 2 inches

Color Art

  • 300-600 DPI
  • Must fit (or be scalable to) 6.75 x 10.5 inches
  • Must be print ready (bleed margins for full bleed, CMYK)
  • May be converted to grayscale depending on need

Web Banner Art

  • 75-150 DPI
  • Must fit (or be scalable to) one of the following dimensions:
    • 175 x 100 pixels (or 100 x 175 for vertical banners)
    • 100 x 50 pixels (or 50 x 100 for vertical banners)
    • 480 x 60 pixels (or 60 x 480 for vertical banners)
  • For animated banners, please use GIF only (no Flash)
  • Must be no larger than 15KB in size.

 Twitter Banner Art

  • 75-150 DPI
  • Must fit (or be scalable to) one of the following dimensions:
    • 100 x 175 for vertical banners)
    • 50 x 100 for vertical banners)
    • 60 x 480 for vertical banners)
  • Must be no larger than 15KB in size.

Rewards and Compensation

Artists whose work is accepted for publication may be compensated in one or more of the following methods:

  • Free admission to the convention
  • Cash equivalent for parking through the weekend
  • Free t-shirt

All artists whose works are accepted must sign a Work-For-Hire agreement that transfers copyright of their submission to Phoenix Entertainment, D.B.A. A-Kon, before they may be compensated. Artists will retain the right to use their creation in a portfolio and for personal use. The winning artist for the T-Shirt Design Contest will receive:

  • Two Free Shirts
  • Cash equivalent for two nights’ stay at the convention hotel
  • Published credits throughout the convention (including the website, flyers, etc.)

Winners that have already purchased admission to the convention may be reimbursed or credited for the next convention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some examples of restricted designs?

A-Kon® is not only a fan-friendly, but also a family-friendly event. As stated in the Guidelines, we would like to avoid any representation of violence, profanity, drugs, and sex in the art that we use. Representations of violence may include, but are not limited to: A firing gun, a gun pointed at another character or at the viewer, explosions, blood, and use of a weapon in a threatening manner. Examples of profanity may include, but are not limited to: profane gestures and curse words. Representations of drugs may include, but are not limited to: Use or display of alcohol, smoking, drug paraphernalia, chemical formulae for known controlled substances, and unrefined ingredients for known controlled substances. Examples of sex include: scantily clad or nude characters, provocative poses, and suggestive interactions between characters. If you are uncertain of whether or not your idea falls into any of these categories, first ask yourself whether you’d be comfortable showing this to someone’s mother, or if you’d be comfortable wearing a t-shirt with your art to work. If all else fails, please share your design ideas with the A-Kon® staff so that we can give you suggestions!

Who should I contact with questions? Please send all inquiries to Mike Battle ( If you have a sketch or a small version of your idea ready, please also send that to him for reference. Can A-Kon® reimburse me monetarily for my work? Unfortunately, no.  Only the winners of the t-shirt contest receive monetary compensation. However, you will be reimbursed in some fashion depending on the quantity and/or quality of the artwork you submit, and you will get at least one copy of whatever medium your artwork is produced on. What is A-Kon®’s target audience?

The average A-Kon® attendee is between 15 and 25, with an even male to female ratio. However, we may also reach out to specific demographics with targeted advertising, such as a younger audience in a children’s publication, or to more mature fans at colleges. If you have a specific target in mind, please make note of that with your submission.

Can I submit artwork as part of a team? Yes! Artists and graphic designers may collaborate on any work. Both artists will get credit, though A-Kon® will only compensate one person if only a single piece is accepted; if more than one piece is accepted, then multiple people may be compensated as appropriate. Will I receive credit for my contribution? Yes, you will be credited in the A-Kon® program book and web site, and any signature that you have on the artwork will be kept intact. Can I submit my art in a hardcopy format (canvas, paper)? Unfortunately, we do not have any way to convert a canvas piece into electronic format. However, if you have artwork on standard-sized paper (up to 8.5 x 14 inches) that can be scanned, then we can accept it. Please keep in mind that A-Kon® cannot guarantee that we will be able to return the artwork in the condition that you sent it in, if at all.


Project A-Kon
United States
Current Residence: Dallas, TX

 The current pre-reg price is $40.00 for a Three Day pass, but will increase to $45 on Jan 21st.

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